Hollinger: NBA ball hogs

ESPN.com's John Hollinger compiled a list of the top 15 ball hogsInsider in the NBA and there was one Celtics player among the collection. Before the big unveil, here's a bit more from Hollinger:

Chucker. Gunner. Ball hog. Shot-seeker. Whatever term you want to use, there's a certain type of player out there that everyone is familiar with: Somebody who takes a lot of shots and makes, well, not a lot of them.

With that in mind, it's time to introduce a new annual award here at Hollinger HQ: The All-Gunner Team. We've combined visual, subjective observation with a comb through the stats for which players shoot most often with least effect.

And the Celtics player that ended up on the list? Drumroll... Rasheed Wallace.

WallaceWallaceThe Sports Guy's new favorite player is theoretically unselfish, except for the part about him being infected by the ghost of Antoine Walker and jacking up every 3 he can possibly get his hands on. Only Baron Davis has taken so many 3s to so little effect, and Davis has played nearly 50 percent more minutes.

What makes Wallace even more maddening is that there are plenty of shots you want him to take and he won't take them -- getting him to post up has proved frustratingly difficult ever since Mike Dunleavy was ripping out his few remaining hairs trying to get him to do it in Portland.

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