Experts agree: Cavs the pick

After all 10 ESPN experts predicted the Celtics to top the Heat in the opening round of the playoffs, all 10 are now picking the Cavaliers as Boston prepares to meet the East's top seed in the conference semifinals.

Your humble blogger is not one to toot his own horn, but he might have nailed his Celtics in 5 prediction from last round. And while he's not one to follow the masses, he can't help but pick the Cavaliers in the next round as well.

The full prediction can be read HERE. In the end, we think James' supporting cast is just too good this time around. That said, the pressure is surely on the Cavs as, if they can't get out of the conference semifinals with world's best player and a revamped supporting cast, then the world's best player might think twice about sticking around The Forest City.