Shrek and donkey


During this morning's day-after Game 4 chat, we noted that someone could make a fortunate by creating T-shirts with an image combining Glen Davis and Nate Robinson with Shrek and Donkey, from the popular animated movie series. This after Robinson made the comparison on the heels of Boston's Game 4 triumph over the Lakers Thursday night at the TD Garden.

Sure enough, someone already got an image to Robinson, who posted it as his new Twitter avatar this afternoon. You can check out the image at right. It's really quite awesome.

Here's the exchange that prompted the reference as Robinson and Davis appeared at a joint postgame press conference:

QUESTION: Nate, you jumping on his back at that moment as well. Just that moment for you guys, to be able to share...

GLEN DAVIS: You were on my back?

NATE ROBINSON: You didn't even notice. We're like Shrek and Donkey. You can't separate us.

GLEN DAVIS: You shouldn't have let us two get up here.