Simmons' 5 predictions for Celts' offseason

Sports Guy Bill Simmons passed along his five-part prediction for the Celtics’ offseason via Twitter (@sportsguy33):

1) Doc Rivers comes back and hires Lawrence Frank as his lead assistant.

2) Paul Pierce opts out, then Boston re-signs him for 3 yrs, $51 million with a smaller cap figure in 2010-11 ($17m instead of $21.5m)

3) Knowing someone else is going to overpay Ray Allen, Celts make a July 1st play for J.J. Redick (full midlevel exception: 5 yrs, $33m).

4a) Celts shop Rasheed Wallace's '11 cap figure ($6.3m) for a big man from a team that needs cap/tax relief and can just buy out Sheed for 2-3m. (Until Sheed files retirement papers with the NBA, Celts can trade him. Totally legal.)

4b) Possible candidates for a Sheed deal: Andris Biedrins, Troy Murphy, Tyson Chandler, Darius Songaila, even (gulp) Eddy Curry (if NYC throws in an enticement).

5) Kurt Thomas for the lower veteran's exemption. I'm just feeling it.

So there you go. I'm on the record.