Meet Bradley, Harangody

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The Celtics introduced their two rookies Friday in Waltham.ESPNBoston colleague Mike Reiss details how the Patriots introduced their two rookies Friday in Waltham:

The two newest members of the Boston Celtics -- first-round draft choice Avery Bradley and second-rounder Luke Harangody -- were introduced to members of media this afternoon at the team's practice facility in Waltham.

Bradley detailed how he injured his ankle June 13 while working out for Oklahoma City, which forced him to miss four workouts with other clubs. Bradley will require a scope on the ankle, and thus he will not play on the Celtics' summer league team. The recovery is expected to be about six weeks, according to Celtics general manager Danny Ainge.

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"As of right now, I'm just looking to get back and get ready so I can start training camp," Bradley said.

Ainge led off the media festivities on Friday.

"We're obviously very excited to have these guys join us, not only for their talents on the court, but they add to the work ethic and character of our franchise and our team," he said before sitting down next to both players for a Q&A session with reporters. "We think they're going to be terrific additions to the Celtics, this year and in years to come."

Bradley naturally garnered most of the attention on draft night as the team's top draft choice (19th overall).

On Friday, the first question for Ainge was about Harangody (52nd overall).

"I think he was a great player in college, he had dominant games at Notre Dame in the Big East, one of the best conferences in the country," Ainge said. "He was consistently productive and often dominant in a very tough conference. Like players that we've drafted before and like players who have had success, he is a guy that has proven he knows how to succeed. We think that he can succeed at this level as well."

Ainge said that Bradley and Harangody epitomize team players. He said Bradley sometimes played too much within the team in his only season at Texas, and part of his maturation as a player will be striking the right balance between realizing his individual potential within the team concept.

Bradley entered the NBA draft after his freshman season, while Harangody played four seasons at Notre Dame.

"I think Luke was given a big responsibility on his team and at times he carried the team," Ainge said. "His role was to score and he did the other things -- he set the screens, he dove for balls, he rebounded. He did a lot of the dirty work too. I think these guys are very capable of fitting in to whatever role that our team needs them to be."

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