Hold all calls

Celtics coach Doc Rivers probably wasn't in the talking mood after Boston fell to the Lakers in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. But Orlando Sentinel columnist George Diaz relays how Rivers sent a pretty important caller to voicemail last month:

Randy Belice/NBAE/Getty Images

A call from the president? It was no prank call for Celtics coach Doc Rivers.

Doc Rivers was bumming. Barack Obama was calling.

His Boston Celtics had just lost Game 7 of the NBA Finals. It was the morning after, and the team was ready to board a private get to go back home. His cell phone kept buzzing. It was a 202 area code. Washington, D.C.

Doc assumed that it was Stan Kasten, an executive with the Atlanta Hawks during Doc’s playing days there. Kasten is now president of the Washington Nationals baseball team.

The phone buzzed again. Same number. Doc turned it off and settled in for the long ride.

Back in Boston, the phone buzzed again. It was a programmed number _ Kasten. May as well pick it up and hear the attaboy condolences from his friend.

“Doc, hold on, I have a friend who wants to say hello.” He gave the phone to the guy next to him.

“Doc this is President Obama. I guess I can’t get you to pick up the phone,” he said.


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Diaz also blogged about the Celtics' addition of Shaquille O'Neal earlier this week and got a killer line from Rivers.

"We’re the only team with players eligible for the All-Star and the Legends Game," said Rivers.

(h/t: CSNNE.com)