Garnett on camp, exhibition opener

WALTHAM, Mass. -- A handful of highlights after Kevin Garnett's confab with the media Tuesday in advance of Boston's exhibition opener Wednesday night against the Philadelphia 76ers in Manchester, N.H.

On practicing in Waltham before Wednesday's game

"When we come in, [coach Doc Rivers] does a good job of getting us a sweat. Seeing that it's gameday, I don't see anything ridiculous or crazy, but we do get a nice sweat, get lathered up, go through our strategies. That should be no different."

On team bonding at camp

"I felt like it was a real good camp. This team has a ying and a yang, if you will. We step on the floor, we're very competitive, there's a lot of good games, a lot of good stuff in practice. After practice, we enjoy each other, which is a riot, as you’ve probably seen already. It's a quick mix, quick chemistry bond. Guys are linking without even a lot of time with each other, it’s good for our team and our morale."

On purpose of the preseason

"That's what the preseason is for: Timing and playing different lineups. It's a chance for coaches to see different things. For the people that have been playing in the league a long time, it's just timing and rhythm. These preseason games are not only a chance to play against different opponents, but a chance for you to find your rhythm. Almost like getting back on a bike, or running on the treadmill before the big race."

On playing with the new faces

"I'm eager to play with the new guys. Like I've been saying, to play with [Shaquille O'Neal] is an honor, just like playing with [Rasheed Wallace] was a great honor, so it's no different than that. Delonte [West] goes hard and I love his attitude, what he brings to the court. Hopefully we get some time together."