Flagrant tracker: Shaq's upheld; Zebo downgraded

AP Photo/Nikki Boertman

Zach Randolph got tagged with a flagrant foul for his takedown of Kevin Garnett. The NBA reviews every flagrant foul assessed during the course of the season to determine whether they should be modified or upheld. During last week's four-game road trip, the Celtics were part of two flagrant fouls and the team probably won't be thrilled with either ruling after review.

Shaquille O'Neal got whistled for a flagrant-1 for a two-armed shove he delivered to a driving LeBron James during the third quarter of Boston's triumph over the Miami Heat Thursday. After league review, the flagrant-1 designation was upheld. O'Neal has one point against him with a one-game suspension triggering with each point after five points are reached.

O'Neal said in the aftermath: "That’s what I do: No [expletive] layups. Print it just like that and, if you get fined, come see me, and I’ll reimburse you... No layups."

He later added, "I can get grabbed around the neck and it’s not flagrant, but as soon as i body-check somebody... Hey, man, I'm used to it. But, yeah, no layups. Guys in our league, they know that. They know I'm serious about that."

Kevin Garnett got slammed hard to the floor after getting tangled with Zack Randolph during overtime in Saturday's triumph in Memphis. Randolph got tagged with a flagrant-1, but that was downgraded to a typical foul upon review.