Doc on UConn's streak

WALTHAM, Mass. -- The Celtics currently boast a 13-game winning streak, the longest in the NBA this season. But it's child's play compared to the 89 consecutive wins posted by the UConn women's basketball team, which eclipsed the NCAA Division 1 hoops standard with Tuesday's win over Florida State.

After Tuesday's practice, Celtics coach Doc Rivers was asked about the streak and UConn coach Geno Auriemma's comments about the lack of attention around his program until the milestone moment.

"Geno's right, he's absolutely right, they're not getting the attention," said Rivers. "It's not fair; I don't care what sport, when you win that many in a row, it's extraordinary. The Penn State women's volleyball team just did the same thing and got mentioned late -- when they had actually broken the record. They've won four national titles in a row. People should know that. Geno is absolutely right. If it was the UConn men's program, we would be talking about it everyday, and that's part of it. What [the UConn women are] doing is extraordinary and amazing."

Rivers' daughter, Callie, just completed her senior season with the Florida volleyball team. The Gators' lone regular-season loss this fall? To that four-time national champion Penn State squad.