KG departs with 'lower leg' injury

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Kevin Garnett grabs at his right leg on the Boston bench.Celtics forward Kevin Garnett suffered what the team dubbed a "lower right leg injury" while leaping for a first-quarter slam dunk Wednesday night against the Detroit Pistons.

Garnett underwent X-rays, which were negatives for fractures. According to the team, he will wait until Thursday to undergo an MRI back in Boston to check for ligament damage.

It initially appeared the injury occurred near his surgically repaired right knee, but the team stressed it was a "lower leg" issue.

Garnett's leg bent awkwardly as he planted to leap. He hung on the rim, his face displaying obvious pain, and Garnett limped up the court before committing an intentional foul at midcourt to stop the game. He bent to the ground in pain before hobbling to the bench where Celtics trainer Ed Lacerte examined his knee.

Under his own power, Garnett soon hobbled to the locker room.

Garnett underwent right knee arthroscopy and removal of posterior knee bone spurs in May of 2008 after initially suffering the knee injury in March of that year. He missed the postseason, where the Celtics' hopes of defending their 17th world title were thwarted by the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Despite returning for the start of the 2009-10 season, Garnett looked like a player still recovering from knee surgery. Two games after Christmas, in a game against Golden State, Garnett was kicked in the right knee, suffering a hyperextension that forced him to sit out 10 games. It wasn't until the playoffs that he returned to form.

Looking spry again this season, Garnett entered Wednesday's game averaging 15.4 points and 9.8 rebounds per game.

Garnett was in the spotlight entering Wednesday's game for his war of words with Detroit's Charlie Villanueva, who accused Garnett of calling him a "cancer patient," during in-game trash talk during Boston's win over the Pistons in early November.

Garnett fist-bumped every other Detroit player except Villanueva before the game, then Villanueva picked up two quick fouls for being overly physical towards Garnett. While leaving the court, Villanueva appeared to bump Garnett. But the rivalry took a backseat to Garnett's injury, which left Boston rattled late in the first quarter.

Comcast SportsNet Screenshot

Kevin Garnett's right leg bends at an odd angle going up for a dunk.