Power rankings: C's dip to No. 4

The Celtics dipped to No. 4 in ESPN.com's weekly NBA power rankings, now sitting behind the Heat, Spurs, and Magic in Week 11's poll released Monday.

Writes curator Marc Stein: "Question of the week courtesy of Magic GM Otis Smith: Isn't it possible that the Celts -- not Orlando -- are the ones with matchup issues (with Perkins out) and overloaded on bigs because Dwight is harder to counter?"

With a 6-4 recover over their last 10 games, the Celtics have slid in all of the popular polls. In John Hollinger's daily computerized power rankings, the Celtics have also slipped to fourth overall behind the Heat, Magic, and Spurs.

Meanwhile, over at NBA.com's weekly power rankings, the Celtics hold steady at No. 3 behind the Heat and Spurs. Writes curator John Schuhmann, "Kevin Garnett has missed just six games, but he may return early this week. Just in time, because the Celtics' defense has taken a step back. Their six-game homestand begins on Monday with the Rockets, who are one of only three teams with a winning record (2-1) in Boston in the Garnett era."