SC Video: Celtics get over hurdle

Chris Forsberg checks in with SportsCenter to discuss why the Celtics' win over the Lakers on Sunday was so emotionally satisfying to the players, who took the loss to L.A. in the Finals last season extremely hard.

It didn't erase the pain, says Forsberg, but it helped them get over an emotional hurdle.

"To first get over that hurdle and then go out there and take care of business in the areas that really did them in in games 6 and 7 last year. I felt like they really wanted to assert themselves on the glass, [and] they did that, they were more physical. And then the final six minutes where they sort of let it slip away in game 7 they actually turned it up [on Sunday], they cranked it up, and by 1:29 left to go that arena had cleared out, and [the Celtics] took great pride in that."