Finding treasure in a card

Thirty years later, a Larry Bird-Magic Johnson rookie card provides a flood of memories for ESPN.com's Scott Turken:


Larry Bird and Magic Johnson first found common ground on a 1980-81 Topps rookie card.

We all know the feeling of finding a modern version of buried treasure. It can be finding a $20 bill in a pair of jeans, a $100 bond that your grandparents bought at your birth, or one of those rare pieces of sports memorabilia in your basement that hasn't surfaced in years.

During a not-so-routine cleaning in my basement the other day, I had my own version of the glowing suitcase in "Pulp Fiction." The hard-plastic trunk was cracked, but in it, safe and sound, was the mother of all collectibles for a kid who grew up in the '80s: The 1980-81 Topps hoops card that features Magic Johnson and Larry Bird in their rookie seasons. To boot, it has the great Julius Erving between them.

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