All-Star 2011: Rondo & McLovin?

The NBA All-Star game always brings together the worlds of basketball and entertainment regardless of location, but a Hollywood backdrop for this year's game should only increase those opportunities in Los Angeles.

Heck, last year in Dallas, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, better know as McLovin from the movie Superbad and a noted Celtics supporter, stormed an NBA TV interview to chat with Boston's trio of stars, including Rajon Rondo.

Before Wednesday's pre-All-Star finale against the New Jersey Nets, Rondo held a humorous exchange with reporters about another potential meet and greet with the actor. Here's the exchange:

Reporter: "Are you going to catch up with McLovin?"

Rondo: "I haven't talked to McLovin in a minute. I've got a couple other celebrity friends that I may hang out with."

Reporter: "Bigger names?"

Rondo: "Depends on the audience, really. I would say bigger names, yeah. I mean, McLovin's a cool guy."

Reporter: "He's like a B-Lister."

Rondo: "Okay, well, I've got a couple A-List friends."

Reporter: "You could do better."

Rondo: "I mean, [McLovin is] cool, though. I don't need to be all A-List. I'm like D-List, though, especially in LA."