Happy birthday, Shaq

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Shaq blows out the candles on a birthday cake while with the Lakers.Celtics center Shaquille O'Neal turns 39 today. Earlier this week he lobbied coach Doc Rivers for a birthday return to the court, but his foot is acting up and he'll have to settle for more rest and relaxation on his big day. Which is probably too bad for the Celtics, because O'Neal loves to throw a big-game party on his b-day. According to ESPN researchers, O'Neal holds the NBA record for most points on his birthday, scoring a career-high 61 points on 24-of-35 shooting with 23 rebounds in a win over the Clippers on March 6, 2000 while playing for the Lakers.

Here's a look at a list of most points scored by a player (with their birthday):

Shaquille O'Neal - 61 - March 6, 1972

Dominique Wilkins - 53 - Jan. 12, 1960

LeBron James - 48 - Dec. 30, 1984

Michael Jordan - 46 - Feb. 17, 1963

Neil Johnston - 45 - Feb. 4, 1929