Pierce: BU's season over next week

BOSTON -- For a moment, Boston Celtics captain Paul Pierce considered how to at least phrase his biased opinion politely as not to offend the region's only NCAA tournament-bound hoops squad. But they don't call him The Truth for nothing.

Asked his thoughts on top-seeded Kansas drawing 16th-seeded Boston University in the opening round of this year's tournament, Pierce apologized in advanced for the Terriers' impending early exit.

"Man, I’m in a tough predicament because you know -- well, it’s not that tough of a predicament: Everybody knows that I am a Kansas alumni and BU’s season is going to be over next week," said Pierce. "I’m sorry, I still love you guys. I’ll guarantee we won’t lose the first game."

Pierce wasn't quite willing to put his money where his mouth was, denying an opportunity to offer a penance should Kansas get upset. But BU can take solace in the fact that Celtics top reserve Glen Davis will be rooting for the Terriers.

"I want to give a shoutout to BU," said Davis. "That was a wonderful game [BU's 56-54 win over Stony Brook Saturday in the America East championship game]. I was watching that game, those guys, they pulled it off. I just love to watch games like that when people think you're down and out, then you come back and you win. That's team camaraderie. I just loved the energy that was there. I was watching the game from my room and it was just unbelievable, and I wanted to give a shoutout to BU. I hope they beat Kansas."

Informed of Pierce's guarantee of a Kansas victory, Davis couldn't engage in much trash talk. Asked what he might say to Pierce, Davis admitted he couldn't get too uppity given his school's standing.

"Nothing, because LSU is not in the tourney," said Davis. "I've got to talk about Kansas and my team's not even there, so BU's going to fight hard and that's what it's about."