Coming soon: Coach Scal?

Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE/Getty Images

Coach Doc Rivers thinks he'll be Coach Brian Scalabrine one day.Here's a tidbit from our colleagues at ESPNChicago.com about old friend Brian Scalabrine and what Doc Rivers sees as his future as an NBA coach:


Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers has a good eye for head-coaching potential, and he’s identified another candidate. Rivers campaigned for former assistant Tom Thibodeau to get a head-coaching job, and now Thibodeau is considered a Coach of the Year favorite with the Bulls. One of Thibodeau’s players also has a bright coaching future, according to Rivers, who was visiting ESPN 1000 studios on Tuesday and took a call from Bulls reserve and former Celtics back-up Brian Scalabrine. “Scal is going to be a hell of a coach,” Rivers said. “He’s in the same spot I was in at the same point in his career, and all he says is, ‘No I’m going to do TV. I’m going to do radio.’ And I just shake my head, sure Scal. Scalabrine, mark my words, will be an NBA coach, and a good one.”

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