5-on-5: Something wrong with C's?

In the latest edition of 5-on-5, five ESPN.com writers debated five of the top talking points in the NBA today. One of the topics: Is something wrong with the Celtics? Check out the responses below:

Abbott: They were never supposed to be this good for this long -- their stars have been living on borrowed time for a couple of years already. And their nonstars are all cast-offs. Now they're dealing with the absence of Perkins. Under Doc Rivers, that's still one of the NBA's five best teams, but the Bulls are scarier.

Adande: Yes: Rajon Rondo's shot is off. He's shooting 34 percent in March. If he gets back to his season average of 47 percent, the Celtics will get better.

Arnovitz: Right now, the Celtics' offense is not much better than league average. It's hard to tell whether this is a fatal flaw or, as was the case last season at this time, the C's have just hit a rut out of which they'll promptly shake themselves on April 16. Either way, the ball needs to start moving again in their offense. Chances are it will.

Sheridan: Yes. The Perkins trade did a number on their chemistry, their bench is a collection of cast-offs whom the Heat, Mavericks and even the Nets didn't want, and Shaq will not be in game shape when the playoffs arrive. Defensively, the Celtics are not what they once were.

Stein: Yeah. The self-proclaimed toughest team in the league is still feeling sorry for itself more than a month removed from the Perkins trade. Get over it, fellas. Danny Ainge didn't make the deal because he didn't believe in you. You guys aren't supposed to be this fragile.

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