KG's blog: 'Fight for our lives'

Celtics forward Kevin Garnett checks in with his latest ANTA blog, recapping back-to-back losses to Miami and Washington, while offering thoughts on Jermaine O'Neal's flagrant foul on LeBron James (calling it a, "a clean hard foul, which caused some issues,") and Boston's need to increase its sense of urgency ("We gotta fight for our lives.")

Here's the full entry:

So we went down to Miami and were ready to play against the Heat. The game was an early game and we seemed focused. Started out on moving the rock, but we got lazy and didn't take care of the ball. The intensity was playoff like and good to know my teammates are ready to go to war with me! Team's got to get back to the game, no easy hoops motto. JO gave a clean hard foul, which caused some issues, but part of the game.

We lost the game, which makes us realize the playoffs are coming and we gotta fight for our lives.

Wiz on the back to back and Doc decided we were going to rest. The guys played well, but couldn't finish. J Green runs like a gazelle! JO looked like his old self with some old school DEFENSE! Big Baby showed how he needs to play and he can play. It's tough to watch the guys play without playing. Rondo, Paul, Ray and I did not play.

Almost through my first season with Anta and they've been great. Feet have been feeling great and my sneakers have been super comfortable.

Getting ready for what comes next!