KG's blog: 'Regular season is over'

Celtics forward Kevin Garnett offers some pre-playoff thoughts in his latest ANTA shoe blog:

Regular season is OVER! Now it's time to grit and grind. The "season" now begins. We got the knicks, so we know what we're getting. Game's gonna be up and down because they run, run, run. My boy Chauncey will be in town, so gotta get him. Don't want to hear it from him.

Last two days of practice have been good. Guys are focused and team is working hard at getting "right". Shaq Diesel is working hard, but can't play tonight. Thoughts with him. Got my new Playoff shoes and am Geeked about them. Will post some photos later, so ya'll can see them. Just finished our shoot around (go through our schemes) and gonna head home to eat and nap.

Tonight's game is big! Chicago almost lost last night, so we want to jump on the Knicks early.

Watch the games, Cheer for the C's and think someday you can do this for a living:)

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