ShaqWatch: Doubtful for Game 5, beyond?

MIAMI -- Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers said center Shaquille O'Neal is doubtful for Wednesday's Game 5 due to lingering soreness in his right Achilles and calf and sounded pessimistic for his chances to get back on the court moving forward.

O'Neal played only 3½ minutes in the first half of Monday's Game 4 loss and did not return to the court.

"It was physical [in Game 4]," Rivers said before the team's shootaround Wednesday morning at American Airlines Arena. "I don't know yet [about Wednesday's Game 5]. I would say I doubt it. But we'll see. [O'Neal played] a little stretch [in Game 4], then it got worse."

Rivers sounded glum about O'Neal's potential to have an on-court impact moving forward.

"There's nothing he can do," said Rivers. "It's not like he's not trying. I told our team that [Tuesday], he's done everything possibly he can do to get healthy. Unfortunately for him, he hasn't been able to do it.

"When he was originally injured, no one even thought it was that serious. I don't know what I said, because I talk to you guys every day, but I think I was saying it's not even a big deal, he'll be back in four or five days. It just never healed. It still hasn't and now every time he plays it gets worse. So, there's nothing you can do about it."

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