5-on-5: Time running out

The Boston Celtics are down 3-1 but not out. With a win in Miami in Game 5, the Celtics would be just two wins from advancing to the Eastern Conference finals.

That said, this is a good time to talk about one of the most remarkable runs we've seen. With Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen joining Paul Pierce in 2007, the Celtics rose from the ashes to win the 2008 NBA title -- the 17th for the franchise -- and take us all on a journey that has twisted and turned for four seasons and counting.

Win or lose Wednesday, the Celtics have plenty to look back on and some decisions to make. We asked five writers for their takes on the era of the Big Three, Rajon Rondo, coach Doc Rivers and team president Danny Ainge. Here's a glimpse at the responses:


5-on-5: Big Three Era via kwout