KG's blog: 'Back to the lab'

Celtics forward Kevin Garnett checks in with a new entry on his ANTA blog after Boston was eliminated from the postseason by the Miami Heat:

As you know, we were knocked out of the playoffs by Miami. It's unfortunate that we are out and in my mind didn't reach our potential. Taking the last couple of days to think about things and the season was long. Their were ups and downs all season and dealing with teammates, leaving teammates, gaining teammates. Long hours, flights, practices, workouts, etc... Another season under my belt, but not satisfying. I'll be getting back to the "lab" (workouts and court work) to work on my craft, so I can keep improving. I will be working on my skills and constantly trying to get better.

Quick shout out to my man Shaq, who is the best. He worked hard all season, but couldn't get his Achilles right.

Amazing to think that I was playing with so many potential HOF (hall of famers). I will remember these times, on and off the court. This will be a memorable season!!!

Thank you all so much for your constant support and encouragement throughout the season. Hanging in with us through the ups and downs of the season. Your support gets me through and pushes me to be better. I will be back in China sometime in July or August, so stay tuned. I met so many of you all last summer, that it will be exciting to meet more.

Keep reaching higher and thanks to all my supporters.

My 2011 season is officially over.

Word, KG