What's their plan?

ESPN.com has a continually updated list of NBA players that are considering overseas options this offseason. We figured it'd be handy to have a Celtics-themed version to keep tabs on what Boston players (or those associated with the team) plan on doing during the lockout:


Players that are under contract for the 2011-12 season or were selected in June's draft:

* Note: Neither Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, nor Jermaine O'Neal have offered a definitive take on their offseason plans, but given their age and career earnings, it would seem logical that playing internationally would be an unlikely scenario for them all.


Players not under contract with the Celtics, though some could be back:

* Note: Gilbert Brown, an undrafted free agent, is expected to be invited to Celtics training camp. He signed a deal with opt out clause with German squad S. Oliver Wuerzburg.