Hoiberg feels Green's pain

David Sherman/NBAE/Getty Images

Former NBA sharpshooter Fred Hoiberg.Former NBA player Fred Hoiberg, who suffered the same heart condition Jeff Green has, expects Green to return to the NBA one day, but cautions it's no guarantee:

If Green's experience is anything like Hoiberg's, the toughest challenge will be now through his recovery from the surgery.

"It's a tough blow, it really is," Hoiberg says. "There are no symptoms, so it's like a kick to the gut. I'll never forget the day they told me. But the hardest thing is the recovery process. You don't think you're going to run again. It's a very invasive procedure. They shut down your system and then they have to crack you open and wire you back together again."

Hoiberg says the abnormal valve now requires more surgery, so for the time being he is limited in the kind of exercise he can do. But he remains convinced that the only permanent impact on Green will be a change in his outlook on life. Green has only thanked everyone, via his Twitter account, for their concern and good wishes, but has not spoken publicly since the Celtics announced he would be undergoing surgery.

"It definitely changes your perspective on what's important," Hoiberg says.

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