KG: 'We will get better'

BOSTON -- The frustration is evident for Kevin Garnett, but it's somewhat masked by relentless optimism. Even after the Celtics let another game slip away, this time against the Dallas Mavericks Wednesday night at TD Garden, dropping Boston's record to 4-5 on the young season, Garnett was adamant that things will turn around.

"It’s where we are -- we'll continue to work at this thing and get it better," he said. "It’s not something that we’re just going to hope and pray and wish, and all the good things like that. It’s something that we’re going to have to continue to work on.

"This is not easy. If we made it look easy in past, it’s not easy so far."

Dirk Nowitzki slipped past an over-aggressive Garnett in the final moments of Wednesday's game, converting an old-fashioned, three-point play to lift the Mavericks to a 90-85 triumph. Regardless of whether he was talking about a stuck-in-the-mud offense (at least everyone beyond Rajon Rondo), or an inconsistent defense, Garnett promised better results.

"We will get better, I know that," he said.

And he stresses it's more than just one player; It's going to take a group effort.

"We don’t do anything individual, other than shower, here," said Garnett. "Other than that, man, we do things together. We like to keep it like that. That’s the way the coach is. That’s the way we’ll continue to have it."

Garnett, who was outspoken at the start of the season about the lack of training camp time working against teams, continues to plead for time because of the condensed season.

"[I'm going to] make this repetitive -- chemistry, you just don’t go in the closet and pull that out," he said (skipping his original cooking analogy). "It’s something you have to continue to work at."

That work continues with a practice Thursday as a visit from Eastern Conference rival Chicago follows on Friday.