Schedule shouldn't leave them Bullish

AP Photo/Charles Krupa

KG and the Celtics face a daunting schedule amidst their struggles.It's Friday the 13th and the 10-2 Bulls are in town to face the struggling C's. Want the bad news now? It doesn't get any easier:

Friday the 13th against the Bulls? Great. That alone would be bad enough news for the struggling Celtics, but there's also Saturday the 14th at Indiana and Martin Luther King Day against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Could we be looking at -- gulp -- a five-game losing streak by the time the Toronto Raptors come to town next Wednesday?

In a word, yep.

Last Friday, the Celtics got pushed around by Indiana. After four off days, they got pushed around and lost to a Dallas team that had played the night before. Now we have the conference-leading Chicago Bulls in town followed by a back-to-backer at Indiana and then the Monday meeting with the best team in the Western Conference.

Where are the Wizards when you really need them? (Actually, the Celtics have seen Washington twice already -- and will see the Wizards again a week from Sunday.)

This was supposed to be a stretch where the Celtics took advantage of a home-dominated schedule -- 19 of 25 at TD Garden -- and a long layoff between the Indiana and Dallas games to counter the 0-3 start and re-assert themselves in the division and conference races. They did win four in a row but the victims (Washington twice, New Jersey and Detroit) all have one thing in common -- they are in last place in their respective Eastern Conference divisions. Those teams combined record as of Thursday morning was 5-26. The combined record of their next three opponents as of Thursday morning is, ahem, 27-7.

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