Oh, Baby: Davis drops pants, gets technical

Sun Sports Screenshot

Glen Davis drops his pants after a foul call.Old friend Glen Davis is back in town on Monday with the Orlando Magic. Big Baby will be a big story. But he's already drawing national headlines this morning for apparently dropping his shorts in protest of a foul call Wednesday night, leading to a technical foul (video HERE). From the Orlando Sentinel's Josh Robbins:

Some players yell and gesticulate to earn a technical foul.

It appears that Glen Davis goes a different route. He pulls down his own pants.

In one of the more bizarre moments of an already strange season, was called for a personal foul Wednesday night on a San Antonio Spurs alley-oop attempt, then argued the call to a referee. As Davis protested, he pulled down his shorts to reveal black Spandex.

A whistle for the technical followed a few seconds later. Tony Parker made the technical free throw to put San Antonio up 53-50.

A Magic spokesman would not comment.

In a related story, Brandon Bass quietly posted 13 points and nine rebounds in Boston's win over Toronto Wednesday.

Informed of Davis' actions during an appearance on sports radio WEEI Thursday morning, Celtics coach Doc Rivers quipped, "Oh my gosh... Listen, I played in a jock strap era."