Ray Allen: We're not losers

AP Photo/Elise Amendola

Celtics guard Ray Allen is frustrated by Boston's slow start.BOSTON -- The way Ray Allen sees it, the most frustrating aspect of Boston's early season struggles is the fact that it doesn't reflect the team's previously insatiable desire to succeed.

"I've played on teams where you lose a lot, but now this locker room, we're not losers, so, this hurts everybody deeply," said Allen. "We've got to figure out how to get better and how to help each other get better."

Allen still believe this team will eventually put it together.

"There's no give up," he said. "[Saturday], you go back in the gym and, individually, all of us need to figure out how we can prepare ourselves better to be ready. Because if we have to shoot 80, 90 percent to win games, that's what we have to focus on. It's about improvement. Even if we were here sitting on a 10-game winning streak, you'd still go back in the gym [Saturday] and do that same thing. This is the adversity. You face it and you come out shining. Everybody's ready to do it and it's almost like if the sun could come up tomorrow again, everybody's ready for that to happen quicker, because we want to get back up and try and figure this out."

Allen showed signs of working his way out of his own three-game shooting slump Friday night in a loss to the Phoenix Suns. After going 7 for 23 from the field (30.4 percent) and 4 for 11 beyond the arc (36.3 percent) over the last three games, Allen connected on 4 of 8 shots (50 percent) and 2 of 3 trifectas (66.7 percent) while chipping in 14 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists, and 2 steals in 38 minutes on Friday.

The downside: Five turnovers as he tried to help facilitate the offense in the absence of Rajon Rondo. WIth or without their star point guard, the Celtics know the offense needs to be better.

"We have some great offensive prowess here on this side and it's frustrating when we can't put the ball in the hoop," said Allen. "We talk many times about being able to get open looks and if we get open looks, sometimes the ball doesn't go in. That's happened one or two games, but right now, we've got to figure out what we need to do to be better."