Pregame: Big Baby back in Boston

BOSTON -- Former Celtics forward/center Glen Davis met with the media before Monday's game against the Orlando Magic. A few of the highlights from the Q&A:

What does it mean to be back here?

Davis: “Oh man, it felt weird at first, but it is what it is. I’m Orlando Magic now, so it’s just the way of the business.”

Did you want to stay a Celtic?

Davis: “Umm, yeah. You start your career somewhere you don’t want to really leave. You’re not like like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna leave.’ Especially the memories that you have here, you want to stay. But, like you said, it’s the way of the business. Some things don’t work out the way you want to and you try out the new home.”

Any emotions?

Davis: “Man, I don’t know, man. I heard they gave Perk like a real tribute. So, I don’t know. If they do that, I don’t know, I might not be able to hold myself for a little bit. But, you know, it’s good. It’s good to be here. My emotions will be okay, I’m playing a basketball game, so hopefully I don’t let the other family feelings get in the midst.”

Any interesting reactions so far? Around the hotel?

Davis: “No, I don’t think people recognize me. It’s sad. I lost a lot of weight. So, it’s going to be different.”

How much weight lost?

Davis: “I don’t know. I don’t keep tabs to that. When you start keeping tabs, you find yourself feeling like you could be here or there. So, I don’t want to keep tabs. ‘Oh, I lost three pounds. I can have a cookie here.’ So, I don’t like to keep tabs. I let the strength and conditioning coaches keep tabs.”