Mailbag: Bradley's sudden impact

The Celtics elected to spend a couple of days basking in Orlando sunshine in advance of the back end of a home-and-home with the Magic on Thursday night at the Amway Center. The slight break in the action of a chaotic, condensed season affords us the opportunity to dip into the Celtics Mailbag and tackle your questions. Here's a sample:

Q: Do you think Monday night's dominating performance over the Magic should put fans at ease? Really, how encouraged should we feel? -- Shant (Atlanta, Ga.)

A: How can you not be encouraged by that defensive display? This Celtics season has sort of played out like losing your dog. The first few days you're all positive and holding out hope that he'll show up on the doorstep. But a few weeks pass and you're resigned to the fact that maybe he's just not coming back. Well, that was the Celtics' defense. We thought we saw it at times, maybe went running down the street hoping it was our lost pal (nope, just the neighbor's dog frolicking at the nearest hydrant). But playing a quality opponent without a third of their roster, including two starters, the Celtics put together an absolutely dominating defensive effort against Orlando. Yep, Buster's back home and we're feeding him unhealthy amounts of table scraps because we're just so pumped to see him again. Might even let him sleep in the bed tonight. Of course, he'll be back in the cage if he ever tries to run off again. Rambling dog analogy aside, enjoy it and let's see what happens from here.

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