5-on-5: C's-Knicks predictions

In advance of Friday night's Celtics-Knicks battle, ESPN.com whipped together a 5-on-5, including asking for predictions on who wins (spoiler alert: everyone picks Boston):

Who wins tonight's playoff rematch in Boston between Celtics and Knicks?

Abbott: Boston. Both teams are fully capable of stinking it up. But the Celtics rolled in their last game, against Toronto, and have two little things going for them: The Knicks played last night, and the Celtics are at home.

Kurylo: The Celtics. New York has improved its play recently, but the only opponent it's beaten is the woeful Pistons. Meanwhile the Celtics have won six of their past seven games by an average of 15 points. I'm a Knicks fan, and I can't even invent a plausible reason to think the Knicks will win based on how this season has gone.

Robb: Boston. The C's are back on track having won six of their last seven games, and may even have the services of Rajon Rondo for the first time in weeks. With New York likely to come in with tired legs after last night's tough loss, I see Boston getting revenge for the Christmas Day loss.

Soriano: The Celtics. Not only is the game in Boston, but the Celtics -- even with their struggles this season -- are still a better team than the Knicks right now. Plus, with Rondo likely to return tonight, they also get their floor general back and the player who can best take advantage of the Knicks' biggest weakness, point guard play.

Wagner: The Celtics. The Knicks played a tough game at home last night while Boston rested. Plus the Celtics have gotten their defense in order. Look for them to lock down the Knicks' iso-heavy attack.

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