Rondo: 'I made some, I missed some'

BOSTON -- Rajon Rondo followed up his triple-double in Sunday's win over the Chicago Bulls by posting a career-high 35 points in Wednesday's loss to the Detroit Pistons. Here's the full Q&A with reporters following the game:

On his offensive outburst Wednesday night

RR: "I was just a little bit more aggressive tonight, took the shots that I was able to take when I was open. I made some, I missed some."

On consecutive games with high point totals

RR: "But the main thing is our record is 1-1 these last two games. We didn't get off to a great start in the fourth quarter, and we weren't able to shut them off after that."

What happened in the fourth quarter?

RR: "We gave them confidence. They came out, Ben [Gordon] hit two big 3s and Monroe hit a jump shot, I think, and after that we couldn't turn them off."

Is Rondo more confident in his post game right now?

RR: "I haven't been there in a while. I was joking with [one of the Celtics' assistant coaches] earlier, but I wanted to try to take advantage of the smaller guy guarding me."

How hard is it to balance being aggressive and getting guys involved?

RR: "It's difficult. When you have it going yourself, my teammates kept telling me, 'Be aggressive,' but at the same time, I was just trying to get other guys involved. When they're not missing, they kind of come back and tell me to still attack and stay aggressive."

Frustrating up-and-down play for the team?

RR: "It's frustrating, but it's basketball. We've got to keep our heads. We've got a tough game tomorrow [vs. Chicago]. It'll be a big win for us if we can get it."

On Chris Wilcox's energy and enjoying playing with him?

RR: "I love playing with Chris. He's probably one of the fastest bigs in the league and I tell him to get out there and run with me, and he does a great job every night. We're starting to get easy baskets in transition, and I think that's what we need offensively. Chris has been playing great for us."

Starting to gel with Wilcox?

RR: "Yeah, we haven't played much together at all, but these last two games, we picked up a lot of minutes together and we seem to have a little connection going."

Is it frustrating not taking advantage of the early season home games?

RR: "It is, but we want to look forward now. Hopefully this will bring us closer together, not that we were a distant team or whatever, but the road seems to bring guys together and hopefully this will do that for us. [Hopefully] we can put a string of wins together."