Rondo ejected vs. Pistons

CSN Screenshot

Rajon Rondo got ejected after flipping the ball off an official in Detroit.Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo earned a double technical and immediate ejection after flipping the ball off a game official while protesting the lack of a foul call during the third quarter of Sunday's loss to the Detroit Pistons.

Rondo thought he got fouled going to the basket with about three minutes to go in the quarter, spilling hard to the floor as a Pistons player nearly toppled on top of him. Rondo, who caught the ball as a 24-second violation was whistled against Boston, voiced his displeasure as he walked back up the court during the stoppage in play, then flipped the ball dismissively at the official, the ball striking referee Sean Wright in the stomach as he made a call while facing the scorer's table.

Rondo was assessed the double technical, earning immediate disqualification with three minutes to play in the third quarter. To that point, Rondo had five points on 1-of-6 shooting with 10 assists over 28:23.

Rondo entered the game with a team-high five technical fouls on the season. He could face further discipline from the league (fine or suspension) for his actions Sunday.

[Update: After the game, Celtics coach Doc Rivers said he didn't know enough to comment on Rondo's ejection. "I don’t want anyone to get thrown out of a game, but he did," Rivers told reporters in Detroit. "I didn’t see what happened, so it’s tough for me to make comment on it. I was actually looking down at a sheet of paper, so I missed it." Asked if he sought clarification on why Rondo was ejected, Rivers said, "No, I didn’t even ask. At that point, I didn’t care to find out. I’ll find out later. I wasn’t worried about that to be honest."]