5-on-5: Trade season arrives

Each Thursday during the season we join forces with our friends and TrueHoop partner CelticsHub for a game of 5-on-5 tackling key issues surrounding the Celtics. In this week's edition, we offer insight as trade season arrives. Here's a sample:

It’s March 1st. You’re Danny Ainge. What are you thinking?

* Brian Robb: I’m getting antsy because I love to make deals and there’s plenty to explore, but I’m willing to wait. The opportunities out there for any of the C’s core pieces are likely not that appealing in the way of young talent on good contracts, which is what I’m looking for if I’m going to deal. I have cap space already, so trading for expiring deals makes no sense, unless there’s something out there that can improve the foundation going forward. My team has started to look better, so I watch and wait until someone knocks me over with an offer.

* Ryan DeGama: “Is it possible to dump my entire roster in a fourteen team trade? Because that would be awesome.” I’m convinced Ainge (he of the championship-or-bust mentality) is done with this core and will offload anyone and everyone if he can get a decent return. So, I suspect he’s contemplating moves that would utterly horrify Celtics fans. I also suspect he’s wondering how long he can pretend he’s not seriously shopping Rajon Rondo when rumors pop up every couple of months.

* Brendan Jackson: How can I improve this team? It’s increasingly apparent that the guys on this team just don’t have the trade value to net a serious return so it’s probably in my best interest to keep the Big Three intact. But then again, I’m Danny “Freaking” Ainge! I’ll trade Paul Pierce to anyone willing to give up a protected first round pick? Anyone?

* Chris Forsberg: I’m thinking I still don’t have a firm grasp on what my team’s potential is when healthy, so I’m gauging the trade market with every asset I have. In about 10 days, I’ve got to decide if I’m a buyer (is it worth taking a flyer on Michael Beasley?), if I’m a seller (what can I fetch from a contender for Ray Allen?) or if I’m just going to strap TNT to this thing (everyone’s available, whose got a package that helps us start the turnover process). In the end, the easiest option is just keeping the band together and seeing what happens because financial flexibility still looms in the offseason.

* CelticsHub Reader Scott Selfridge: I am thinking about whether or not I want to try and make it work with the Big Three, or make it work with Rondo. For some reason this season, they have been unable to work together on a consistent basis. Whether that’s because they are relying on Rondo too much, or Rondo is totally checked out – I don’t know. But it’s obvious that Rondo needs more athletic bigs and wings and the Big Three needs easier buckets. In my opinion, Rondo isn’t the future – that was made very clear this summer, during the Chris Paul saga and with the Pau Gasol rumors. Rondo needs a change of scenery, so I’d move him.

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