Video: 'Countdown' dishes on Rondo

The "NBA Countdown" crew talks about the latest NBA trade rumors, including -- naturally -- Rajon Rondo.

Chris Broussard says that while the Celtics have denied they are shopping Rondo, people around the league tell him that Rondo can be had but that the Celtics want "a big-time player or players" in return, and those kind of offers haven't been out there.

Meanwhile, Magic Johnson and Jon Barry say the Celtics should hold onto Rondo.

Magic argues that it's very hard to find great point guards in the NBA and that Rondo is "the one young piece you can build around."

Barry says the key question is whether Rondo can be a franchise point guard when the three Hall of Famers leave, and Barry says he can. "I think he's shown enough impovement over the last couple of years that he can be that guy, no question."