Dealing Ray a smart play for C's?

As part of ESPN's trade-themed 5-on-5 on Wednesday, one questioned focused on whether it would be smart for the Boston Celtics to consider trading Ray Allen. A glimpse at the responses:

* Myles Brown, A Wolf Among Wolves: Fact. Dealing Ray Allen is the only play for the Celtics. Unless you think shipping Rajon Rondo out is the right idea. (You're wrong. It's not.) Kevin Garnett can barely jump over his contract, and the thought of trading away Paul Pierce is akin to blasphemy in Beantown. Allen can still command a decent haul and keep some semblance of the Celtics' core together for one more run.

* Zach Harper, Daily Dime Live: Fiction. There isn't anybody on this team who isn't a smart play to trade. I think Rondo is a lot better than most fans give him credit for, but if you could turn him into a really good big man, you'd have to do that. Might as well blow up this entire roster and prepare for the future. If that means trading everybody, then so be it.

* Marc Stein, ESPN.com: Fact … if the Celts can get a good young piece on a favorable contract or a worthy draft pick in return. Allen is the one guy out there who could do so much for most of the teams we're talking about here (Wolves, Clips, Bulls … as well as Oklahoma City), but Danny Ainge isn't going to surrender the cap flexibility forthcoming through Ray's and KG's expiring contracts for just anything.

* Ethan Sherwood Strauss, HoopSpeak: Fact, fiction, does it really matter at this point? No move short of an entire overhaul fixes what ails the Celtics. Why not just part with Allen and KG en route to the ping pong sweepstakes?

* Michael Wallace, ESPN.com: Fiction. The Celtics are going to let this ride out with the Big Three making one last stand for an improbable championship push. Danny Ainge is doing his job by taking calls and kicking tires around the league. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping this group intact and seeing how far they can go. Boston did the same thing with Bird, Parish and McHale. There will be enough cap space coming their way in the end.

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