Rivers: No decision for Austin... yet

PHILADELPHIA -- Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers said his son, Austin Rivers, has not made a definitive decision on whether to turn pro and suggested the Duke freshman is still pondering his next step despite reports that suggest he plans to declare for this year's NBA Draft.

"Not yet," Rivers said of Austin's decision. "He really hasn’t. I heard the reports, but he hasn’t decided anything yet.

"Listen, he’s gotta make a decision [by the NCAA deadline of April 10] and he leans one way one day, and then the other. That’s part of it. [Kentucky freshman Michael Kidd-]Gilchrist had it today, too, I guess. It’s just part of it."

Rivers said he's leaving the decision in the hands of his son.

"At the end of the day, all you can do with all of your kids, or any kid in this situation, is give them as much input as you can, then you try to let them make the decision," said Rivers. "They have to make it; you can’t make it for them."

When the subject shifted to whether he'd be interested in coaching his son on the Celtics, Rivers had as much fun as he can without getting in trouble.

"That would be interesting. That would be very interesting," Rivers said with a smile before quipping, "I don’t think I’m legally allowed to say it until he makes a decision, otherwise I could get fined -- for talking about my son."

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