Pietrus stays in Philly for testing

PHILADELPHIA -- The Boston Celtics offered encouraging news on the health of Mickael Pietrus late Friday night noting he would not be admitted to a Philadelphia-area hospital, instead he'll simply undergo further testing, remain in the area overnight, and be reevaluated on Saturday.

Pietrus suffered what is officially being dubbed a questionable closed head injury (concussion) during Friday's loss to the 76ers at Wells Fargo Arena. After being taken by ambulance to an area hospital, Pietrus underwent an x-Ray, CT scan, and was scheduled for an MRI.

Initially, Celtics coach Doc Rivers believed Pietrus would remain overnight, but the team later announced he would not be admitted.

Rivers admitted it was a frightening scene on the court.

"It looked awful," he said. "I saw it immediately -- I didn’t think he hit his head, I wasn’t sure, but I just saw his neck snap, so you knew that was bad. Obviously, he was throwing up on the floor, so that wasn’t very good either."

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