Pietrus appears to avoid major injury

BOSTON -- Initial tests performed on Celtics guard Mickael Pietrus on Friday suggest he escaped serious head injury and while there are more tests to run, his agent William McCandless said Saturday morning that early indications are he might simply have a concussion and the long-term prognosis is encouraging.

Pietrus suffered a questionable closed head injury (concussion) while crashing hard to the floor during the second quarter of the Celtics' loss Friday night in Philadelphia. He was taken from the court on a stretcher and transported to a local hospital for a battery of tests.

Pietrus was not admitted to the hospital, however, and instead spent the night in the area. He will fly home to Boston on Saturday afternoon and be reevaluated by the Celtics' medical staff.

McCandless said he's been informed the x-Ray and CT scans administered Friday night revealed no abnormalities. While Pietrus will undergo more tests and is still waiting for conclusive results from an MRI, there's optimism that he will indeed return to the court this season if all checks out.

"He was a very lucky man," said McCandless, who spoke with Pietrus and said his first question to assistant Raoul Ramdine asked who won the Celtics-76ers game.

McCandless said Pietrus has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from his teammates, fellow NBA players, and fans. He is planning to release a Twitter statement later this afternoon to update his fans on his status and express his gratitude.

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