Who's faster? Rondo or Bradley

Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE/Getty

Is Avery Bradley the fastest player on the C's? KG thinks so.BOSTON -- Kevin Garnett might have unintentionally ignited a little backcourt rivalry between two of Boston's speediest guards.

After second-year guard Avery Bradley poured in a career-high 23 points in Sunday's win over the Washington Wizards, Garnett was asked if he was amazed by Bradley's speed on the floor.

"No, Avery's probably -- Rondo would probably kick me in the behind for saying this -- but [Bradley is] probably the fastest guy on our team," said Garnett. "He's very explosive, and I just don't think he's had a lot of opportunities to show the things that he can do. But valid minutes for us [Sunday]; he's been big for us all year, backing up Rondo. And then when Ray's out, he gives us another defender and this type of game gives him confidence, so I'm happy for him. I root for the young guys. We've got good young guys here."

Rondo's speed, particularly his ability to dribble end line to end line in just a few seconds, is not in question. But Bradley keeps showing an ability to free himself with backdoor cuts that leave defenders scrambling to stop him from running to the rim.

Could Bradley outrace Rondo? Keep in mind that Rondo has either challenged (or been challenged by) such speedsters as Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt and NFL running back Chris Johnson. For now, Celtics players simply stuck to gushing about Bradley's speed.

“Well, I know how fast he is," said captain Paul Pierce. "You guys don’t get to see it all the time. We always tell him that, when he pushes the ball and attacks the rim, we don’t think anyone can stay in front of him. That’s something he has to do a little bit more. He loses his defender on the backdoor cuts, he’s so fast and explosive that he can go up and dunk those. And it’s just good to watch a guy like Avery mature right before your eyes over the last couple of years.”

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