Rondo's solo project

When Rajon Rondo helped the Boston Celtics to victory over the Charlotte Bobcats Sunday, it was the first time in exactly two years he had played a game without any member of Boston's Big Three (Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen) alongside. As ESPN Stats and Info originally noted, Rondo is 4-1 in those games. Here's a closer look at his performances and the outcomes:

Rajon Rondo without the Big Three

Rondo certainly seems to have played with a little extra motivation in those most recent games. Sure, each occurrence has been near the end of the season (his own minutes limited in a 2009 game against Washington), but Rondo has upped his scoring output whenever he's logged 30+ minutes. Clearly, the Celtics like having a fully healthy roster, but Rondo's exploits are an encouraging sign of his potential even if the roster is overhauled for future seasons.