MacMullan: Missing the point

Brian Babineau/NBAE/Getty

Rajon Rondo won't be back in uniform until this series shifts to Boston later this week.ESPN Boston's Jackie MacMullan sounds off on Rajon Rondo's latest trip to NBA detention and what it means for Boston's postseason run:

When Rondo drew a two-game suspension for throwing the ball at [referee Sean] Wright in February, his veteran teammates went to him demanding a public apology. Feeling cornered, Rondo balked -- and that's when Keyon Dooling stepped in. "I just told him, 'You hurt your family when you do stuff like [throwing the ball at a ref]. The [money lost due to suspension] comes out of your pocket. That's taking money from away from the people you love,'" Dooling said. "He listened because I was coming from a pure place. I want him to grow as a man. I set out to get to know him. I didn't listen to any of the other guys and their opinions of Rajon... I love the guy... I've made a friend for a lifetime." Too bad your new friend didn't listen, huh?

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