Next Level numbers from Game 2

Some "Next Level" numbers from the Celtics' 82-81 loss to the Sixers in Game 2, courtesy of ESPN's Stats and Information team:

Iggy shuts down Pierce: Andre Iguodala held Paul Pierce to 1-for-6 shooting and forced four turnovers when he guarded the Celtics all-star forward in Game 2. For the series, Pierce is shooting 26.7 percent when guarded by Iguodala and has more turnovers (6) than field goals (4).

Asked if anything about Philadelphia had surprised him this series, Pierce said: "No, they are who we thought they are. They are a tough defensive team, they grind it out defensively; they try the fast break and they’re not gonna give in. They have a good coach over there who instills his mentality into his players. So nothing surprising, they are what we expected them to be.”

Allen, Iguodala make impact: The 76ers outscored the Celtics by 20 during the 24 minutes that Lavoy Allen and Andre Iguodala played together in Game 2. Allen and Iguodala made an impact on both ends of the court. They shot a combined 50 percent and held opponents to 30.4 percent shooting as on-ball defenders.

Asked about Allen as an X-factor in this series, Rivers noted, "Well, he played great. They made two shots that were unbelievable. Allen makes the bank shot, with .9 -- that was a long .9, I must say. And then Evan Turner made a miraculous shot. But, again, when you put guys in position to make plays like that, you can lose games. And we lost games; we lost the game. I think they had a three with 1 second left, Williams, I think, made it. Evan Turner makes that (circus) shot. Allen makes that shot. But the way I always look at it, we put ourselves in that position. And when you do that, if you win the game, great, you won the game. If you lose the game, you deserve to lose the game, too, because you put yourself in that position.”