Video: Where the C's are struggling

ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg says the Celtics’ playoff struggles against the 76ers have been mostly on the offensive end, and that it has a lot to do with the injuries to their key shooters, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen.

“That puts more pressure on guys like Avery Bradley and Brandon Bass, who are more in the spotlight this postseason, so they’re trying to figure it all out,” says Forsberg.

He says the Celtics will have to put the ball in Kevin Garnett’s hands more in Game 3.

“He dominated in Game 1. … I totally expect for this team to go back to him a lot in Game 3,” he says.

Forsberg also notes that the Celtics expect to tinker with Paul Pierce, whose limited mobility has clearly affected his trademark drive to the basket.

“Doc Rivers talked today at shootaround,,” says Forsberg. “They’re going to try some different things. They’re going to kind of treat Paul Pierce like Ray Allen. They’re going to run him off screens, they’re going to put him on pindowns, and just see if they can get him better looks at the basket and just hope that his natural scoring touch takes over.”