C's sound off on closeout keys

After Monday's Game 5 win gave the Celtics a 3-2 lead over the 76ers in an Eastern Conference semifinal series, Boston players sounded off on the key to closing out the series on Wednesday night in Philadelphia:

Kevin Garnett: "Patience. Discipline. Understanding what got us here. Riding out our defense. I think when we get erratic, we get away from being disciplined defensively, man, it makes it hard for us. I feel like when we stick to our principles and our schemes, it's hard to score on us. And the mindset, man. Whatever team comes with the right mindset."

Mickael Pietrus: ""D-E-F-E-N-S-E. That's they key. It's going to be defense. So, everybody on the plane (Tuesday), they're going to have to think about defense, and our defense is going to carry us to the next series, too, so hopefully we're going to come out very aggressive with our D."

Ray Allen: :We can't look at this game a closeout game, we have to look at it as us going down there to do our job. Everybody is focused in on the small little details. We know how to play this team. We know their personnel and how we need to play them. Everybody has to go in and do their job, not even us putting on a show, it’s just going out to play the game of basketball and play the game plan. We still have a game plan, we’ve played them for six games. It feels like the first or second game because it happened so quick, we have to continue to get better and minimize our mistakes, maximize the things we do to take away from that."

Paul Pierce: "It’s a closeout game, so we know it’s not going to be easy. We gotta go out there, ready from the jump, take the crowd out of the game because we know they're going to be fired up. When you get teams with their backs against the wall, sometimes it brings out the best in them. So we want to take that away early."