Shootaround: Allen ready to go in Game 6

PHILADELPHIA -- Celtics shooting guard Ray Allen rolled his ailing right ankle in the second half of Monday's Game 5 triumph over the 76ers, but said he's ready to go for Wednesday's Game 6 in Philadelphia.

Allen, who missed the first two games of the postseason due to bone spurs in his right ankle, jumped back into the starting lineup Monday with Avery Bradley sidelined by shoulder issues. Allen said he tweaked the ankle that night, but took himself out of the game and prevented it from getting worse.

"I rolled it; It feels good now, though," said Allen. "I don’t have any concerns. I was glad I took myself out when I did because I gave it a chance to calm down."

Echoed coach Doc Rivers on the injury: "It is what it is. He’s a go right now."

Allen said these are the type of situations he puts all the offseason work in for, so that his body will stand up when the games matter most.

"I believe that I'm a tough person," he said. "I believe my body is tough. You go through these things where you’re testing it out."

A few other leftover notes from the team's morning shootaround:

* Celtics rookie center Greg Stiemsma aggravated a longstanding foot injury in Monday's Game 5 win, but said it wouldn't keep him off the court. Added Rivers: "He said he feels much better today and he’ll definitely play. He’d be the definite of the (injured guys)."

* Before talking about Stiemsma, Rivers had already deemed Bradley questionable and acknowledged Allen's rolled ankle. When a reporter asked if there was anybody else ailing, Rivers quipped, "Not that I know of. But I don’t ask, because I might get an answer."

* Asked about Larry Bird's comments that his Pacers team was "soft" in Tuesday's loss to the Miami Heat, Rivers noted, "The last time he did that, Kurt Rambis had that famous clothesline. So if I’m Miami, I’d watch out. Listen, whatever works. But you don’t want it to get taken to some of the level of play in yesterday’s game, I thought some of that was -- there’s nothing wrong with hard physical play, I love it, I think it should be allowed more. But, nothing where it has a chance to injure a player. That's not good."

* Rivers was asked if he wanted his team to remember any part of the Game 4 loss in Philadelphia where Boston fumbled away an 18-point second-half lead. "Whatever gets them better," said Rivers. "I don’t stick on stuff much. Listen, there's nothing you can do about it. There were lessons to be learned, and it wasn’t us letting up, it was us losing our composure. But whatever helps you. If reading a book helps you, go read a book. I don’t care. Go golf, do whatever you need to do. But just be ready."

* Ray Allen on the difficulty of a closeout game: "It’s the hardest one to get if you take that mentality that you have to win. Just like anything else, when you've go to do something, and you put too much pressure on yourself to have to succeed. My approach is to go into it, just pay attention to the small little details of your job -- everybody does their job -- and the rest will take care of itself."