Doc won't stir the fair-weather pot

PHILADELPHIA -- Celtics coach Doc Rivers wouldn't take the bait when a Philadelphia TV station asked him to react to comments from Kevin Garnett that suggested 76ers had fair-weather fans.

"I have no reaction to that. I’ll let you guys stir that pot," said Rivers. "Have at it. Have fun with it. I don’t think either fan base likes each other any way, so I don’t think it added anything. Someone asked me that yesterday and I said, 'What are they going to do, hate us more?' So, what’s the difference?"

After talking up the TD Garden faithful following a Game 5 win in Boston on Monday, Garnett was asked to compare the fans in Boston and Philadelphia to which he remarked, "Not even close. You've got fans and then you've got fair-weather fans. Take it how you want it."