KG, Rondo on All-Defensive second team

Greg M. Cooper/US Presswire

Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett landed on the All-Defensive second team.PHILADELPHIA -- Celtics guard Rajon Rondo and center Kevin Garnett each landed a spot on the NBA All-Defensive second team.

The first team consistent of Miam's LeBron James, Oklahoma City's Serge Ibaka, Orlando's Dwight Howard, Los Angeles Clippers' Chris Paul, and Memphis' Tony Allen. Garnett and Rondo are joined on the second team by Chicago's Luol Deng, New York's Tyson Chandler, and Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant.

Rondo earned 29 points off nine first-tema and 11 second-tema votes; Garnett finished with 26 points on 8 first-team votes and 10 second-team votes.

The voting panel consisted of the NBA’s 30 head coaches, who were asked to select NBA All-Defensive first and second teams by position. Coaches were not permitted to vote for players from their own team. Two points were awarded for a first-team vote and one point was awarded for a second-team vote.

Celtics second-year guard Avery Bradley finished with three points, including a first-team vote.

The full voting results:


Forward LeBron James, Miami 24 5 53

Forward Serge Ibaka, Oklahoma City 20 7 47

Center Dwight Howard, Orlando 16 9 41

Guard Chris Paul, L.A. Clippers 13 9 35

Guard Tony Allen, Memphis 13 7 33


Forward Kevin Garnett, Boston 8 10 26

Forward Luol Deng, Chicago 6 8 20

Center Tyson Chandler, New York 13 10 36

Guard Rajon Rondo, Boston 9 11 29

Guard Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers 7 3 17

Other players receiving votes, with point totals (first team votes): Andre Iguodala, Philadelphia, 19 (4); Joakim Noah, Chicago, 14; Iman Shumpert, New York, 13 (4); Paul George, Indiana, 10 (2); Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City, 9 (2); Josh Smith, Atlanta, 8 (2); Dwyane Wade, Miami, 5 (1); Thabo Sefolosha, Oklahoma City, 5 (1); Grant Hill, Phoenix, 5 (1); Tim Duncan, San Antonio, 5 (1); Avery Bradley, Boston, 3 (1); Marc Gasol, Memphis, 3 (1); Metta World Peace, L.A. Lakers, 3; Shawn Marion, Dallas, 3; Joe Johnson, Atlanta, 2, (1); Mike Conley, Memphis, 2; Derrick Rose, Chicago, 1; Jrue Holiday, Philadelphia, 1; Carlos Boozer, Chicago, 1; Luc Mbah a Moute, Milwaukee, 1.