Stephen A: C's will get steamrolled

In the video above, ESPN's Stephen A. Smith discusses the Celtics' Game 7 victory over the Sixers and looks ahead to the upcoming Eastern Conference finals between Boston and Miami.

"I see the Miami Heat basically steamrolling over the Boston Celtics," predicts Stephen A. "You don't mean to sound disrespectful by any stretch of the imagination. You know the Boston Celtics could compete with these guys, could give them a run for their money and possibly beat them if they were healthy. But Paul Pierce still looked a little bit gimpy. Even though Ray Allen seemed to be running well, his lateral movement seemed a bit shaky, not to mention the fact that his shot is not falling with any degree of regularity. ...

"But LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are averaging better than 65 points per game over their last three games of their previous series againist the Indiana Pacers. They're younger, they're more athletic, plus they're rough and rugged. They're not older, like the Boston Celtics, pretty much hobbling around. ...

"I would be shocked if this was a competitive series that goes 6 or 7 games. I would be very happy about it, but I don't expect it."